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From 2000 to today.

Whether you are a small business or an SME, Auditeurs Associés, with its expertise in accounting, tax, social and financial, supports you in your growth to your best interests. For this, an employee, supervised by the accountant, is assigned to each file.


Why choose us?

Our employees are all from the Big Four: financial, legal, tax, technician etc … Perfect knowledge of the Guinean environment.

Why choose us?

2 Associates, 8 Managers, Senior Managers, Director. Several experienced consultants and senior. A multicultural and multidisciplinary team to accompany you.

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[amwal_services style= »3″ autoplay= »0″ pagination= »yes »][amwal_service image= »9474″ image_size= »480×459″ icon= »icon-trophy » title= »Audit » link= »|title:Learn%20more|| »]Auditeurs Associés focuses on the technical qualities of all stakeholders and the personal involvement of associates.[/amwal_service][amwal_service image= »9475″ image_size= »480×459″ icon= »icon-trophy » title= »Accounting » link= »|title:Learn%20more|| »]The range of services offered by Auditeurs Associés, the complementarity of partners’ technical skills.[/amwal_service][amwal_service image= »9476″ image_size= »480×459″ icon= »icon-trophy » title= »Advisory » link= »url:%23|title:Learn%20more|| »]Every entrepreneur is concerned primarily with the financial situation of his business and his development.[/amwal_service][amwal_service image= »9477″ image_size= »480×459″ icon= »icon-trophy » title= »Legal & Tax » link= »|title:Learn%20more|| »]Our legal secretarial duties concern the creation of a company, all current decisions and extraordinary decisions.[/amwal_service][/amwal_services]
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[amwal_planning_steps autoplay= »0″][amwal_planning_step number= »1″ title= »Establish »]When you first meet with your AAA advisor, you will get information about our services, what you can expect from the financial planning process.[/amwal_planning_step][amwal_planning_step number= »2″ title= »Collect »]You will be asked to gather certain personal information and all of your financial information to help your AAA advisor understand your situation.[/amwal_planning_step][amwal_planning_step number= »3″ title= »Analyze »]Once you have formulated your financial goals and objectives, your AAA advisor will conduct a thorough analysis of your finances. Leveraging advanced tools and other resources.[/amwal_planning_step][amwal_planning_step number= »4″ title= »Develop »]After acceptance of the recommendations, the plan must be implemented. Your AAA advisor will help you prioritize tasks to complete relevant documents and coordinate meetings.[/amwal_planning_step][amwal_planning_step number= »5″ title= »Surveillance »]Financial planning is an ongoing process. You and your AAA advisor will jointly establish the frequency of your future review and progress review meetings.[/amwal_planning_step][/amwal_planning_steps]
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