The missions that we carry out in the companies and the structures of the associative sectors rest on a legal obligation. These are account certification engagements. Our audit is subject to principles of independence and ethics. It is a service of general interest and not a contractual mission guided by private law.

Our mission consists in:

  • The expression of an opinion on the regularity, the sincerity and the faithful image of the annual and consolidated accounts;
  • The verification of the fairness and consistency with the financial statements of the financial information provided to the general meeting;
  • The disclosure to the Public Prosecutor of the criminal acts of which he became aware;
  • If applicable, issuing certificates at the request of the entity; the prevention of difficulties in the context of the alert procedure in certain entities.

AAA, a reference!

Our experience in this area secures both the manager and his financial partners and greatly facilitates their decision-making.